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Rumi Akter
Jan 22, 2022
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According to Milks, "Holding a conversation is still the best employee email list way to handle a difficult situation. Hiding behind email can worsen the situation as meaning can be misinterpreted and taken out of context." When productivity lags, there's a natural tendency to employee email list blame employees. Managers assume their staff is just not working hard enough or lacks motivation. They usually attempt to resolve this with either a carrot or stick approach, proposing more incentives or more consequences. They may not realize their productivity problems actually stem from their own behavior as leaders. When employees lack faith in the company's management and employee email list its ability to achieve goals, productivity levels drop. Our own studies on strategy execution reveal more than half of employees believed there was a gap between their company's strategy and employee email list its ability to efficiently implement it. Of those respondents, 64 percent did not believe the gap could be closed. A more productive workforce has a direct impact on your bottom line, as well as benefits that are less quantifiable but just as important. When your staff is firing on all cylinders, you'll notice improved satisfaction, Higher retention rates and less conflict. Improving productivity employee email list starts by restoring employee confidence in your company's ability to get things done. Here are five steps you can take this year to empower employees to be more productive. 1. Share the Strategic Plan Across the Entire Organization When employees have a clearly outlined plan of action, they're employee email list able to navigate their daily responsibilities more efficiently. A well strong plan should: • Identify potential challenges early on • Prevent operational delays or bottlenecks • Avoid unnecessary efforts •

Rumi Akter

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